Every Bitter Thing

by Messerly & Ewing

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released November 18, 2011

Mark Messerly (vocals, guitar, accordian, keyboard)
Brian Ewing (vocals, guitar, mandolin)
Sean Rhiney (bass, backing vocals)
Bill Donabedian (drums, percussion, backing vocals)
Recorded by John Curley and Jay Reynolds
Mixed and mastered by Erwin Musper
Produced by Messerly and Ewing



all rights reserved


Messerly & Ewing Cincinnati, Ohio

When Mark Messerly and Brian Ewing went on hiatus, it wasn’t even official. Cincy band Wussy kept Messerly busy and Ewing had a similar schedule with Catalog Cowboys. But somehow they still found time to do acoustic gigs. In 2009, the pair resolved to celebrate their 15th year together by adding Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian as their backing band and turn up the volume. ... more

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Track Name: Hey Tonight
You want just a little
You want what you’re not
You want a lover’s son with a little love inside him
You want a little drink
You want a little taste
And this becomes the body
And this becomes the face of

Hey tonight, you’re my hey all right
You’re my hey somebody gonna listen to my last prayer
Hey tonight, you’re my hey all right
You’re my hey somebody gonna finally be the only one
Whose ever gonna love me for the rest of my life

You want to feel a little like a little kid
Not always someone looking for what’s always hid
You want to feel fingers tracing your sleeping face
You want to hear a fevered whispering of your secret name

You’re driving fast down country roads for half an hour
To get there after her kids go down
You’re standing on the front porch for close to an hour
To steal a kiss before the lights come on

You want oblivion don’t want to keep on thinking
How every little thing comes undone
You want beginnings not unhappy endings
Unless I’m ending every day with you
Track Name: Love Comes, Love Goes
Love Comes…Love Knows
All My heart
Love Comes…Love Goes
I fall apart

Love Comes…Love Grows
I’m alive
Love Comes…Love Goes
How will I survive?

Keep it all inside

Love Comes…Love Flows
Strong and Free
Love Comes…Love Goes
Meant to Be

Love Comes…Love Choose
Here to Stay
Love Comes…Love Goes
Just Another Day
Track Name: Darkest Night
It’s an awful night now it’s here
So much worse well than you feared
It’s so rich your mind plays tricks
You could out-nightmare life up to this

It’s a lullabye the creaking bed
The furnace sounds and shallow breathe
If we sleep perchance to dream
The life we built will rise again

She once kissed me to stop me speaking
I once held her to stop me shaking
Track Name: Once
Once there was you, now you’re gone
I thought I knew, turns out I was wrong

Once what we shared, brought nothing but light to my life
Now what I bare, is too dark to fight

Once I came to my senses…
I see much clearer now

Once you had left, I held your place
Forsaking the rest, I clutched every trace

Once I saw you, but it was a trick of the heart
It wasn’t you, It wasn’t me, It was us apart

Once you cared for me, I know you did…
Least that’s what I believe

At least Once I hope is was real for you?
At least Once I hope you felt regret?
At least Once I hope that you loved me…
The way I once love you?

But I see much clearer now
Least that’s what I believe?
Track Name: Devil At Home
The devil locks up the front door
Pulls down the shades
Turns out the lights on another day

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up
The paint pulls away from the window panes
The attic is full of things you can’t throw away
Everyone leaves they just go away

The devil is lying in bed
Counting up all he’s lost
It’s hard to measure the fearful cost
Track Name: When It Comes Down To You
I always question answers
That is just my way
The unreasonable reasons
I am here today
I wanna know why, we keep on moving on
I wanna know why, all that's gone is gone

Every suspect is suspect
Every word's a lie
Every lover seeks another
Every word's goodbye
I wanna know why, love will come and go
I wanan know why, there's nothing left to show

But when it comes down to you
There's no wondering what's right
You'll be there to help me through
Your are my path your are my light
Though I always knew I knew
It just dawned on me tonight
That when it comes down to you
I'm positive you might…love me...too

Every road is traveled blindly
You never stay on track
And even if I tread it lightly
There's no coming back
I wanna know why, years will follow years
I wanan know why, tears will follow tears
Track Name: The Down
The same rain falls on the living and the dead
The same moon falls on different beds
The same light goes out across town
This quiet house makes a dying sound

It’s the down, down, down
(Everyone falls down)
I love you too

Turn the key and make your way
To a different day lived the exact same way
A thousand years to taste the same rain
You dread the thought of going through this again

Well you can’t drink the bitter away
You can’t bleed a cut away
You can’t lead a heart astray
That was not heading that way

The hardest fall and the coldest winter
Scraped up knees and the deepest splinter
All this evil closing from all sides
The darkness in the darkness has arrived
Track Name: The Undertow
The pressure was so heavy then
The light turned from blue to green
I’m sorry for what I didn’t do
And I’m sorry for saying the things I didn’t mean

The wind blows and then it’s gone
And you and I are just the same
Too hard to see the other side
Too easy to find someone else to blame

The things we do to one another
The undertow will pull us under
I’m up to my neck in the anger that we tread

The things we said to each other
A false regret will put asunder
I’m up to my neck in a life of fear and dread

The light can live without you here now
The blackness goes from sky to ground
Strange birds fly all around
But we’ll be all right if we can just hold on

You can question my indecision
And I’ll never understand your ways
Fight this fight again and again
And still find that neither of us will be moved today
Track Name: Living On Lies
You told me that you loved red
You told me that you loved spring
You told me you loved me too
You told me a lot of things
You told me you that you loved dogs
You told me you loved to cry
You told me you I was the one
You told me a pack of lies

Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies,

If I heard one thing that was true
I know it didn’t come from you
And if there’s one thing I believe
It’s better to give then to deceive

You told me you loved the sun
You told me that you loved beer
You told me you loved that lamp
You told me what I wanted to hear
You told me you loved the wind
You told me you loved my eyes
You told me it was forever
You told me a pack of lies

Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies,

Now I only wish I know
That love never meant love to you
And if you only had the nerve
You would get what you deserve

Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies, Livin’ on lies,
(Everything you told me, every word you said)
Track Name: History Of Sidewalks
I can’t wait for something new here
The world’s gone blank from staring too long
At the sun, the horizon
The whole world in a blade of grass

I know the history of the sidewalks
Every cracks crooked path
I know the names of the secrets
Every house tries to hide

I see the moon from the back room
The sun now hits the bottom step
It’s summer now the world keeps moving
Maybe now, maybe next year
Track Name: My Love Is On The Way
My love is on the way home to me now
As the night begins to fall, my hopes begin to rise
So ends another day with a patent smile
A love heartsick, and a wondering eye

My love is on the way home to me now
Like a lonesome yesterday, and a hundred days before
I’ve tried but I can’t say, what it is about her
That hits me so hard, when she comes to my door

A thousand years to wonder
And I still won’t understand
Why my love is on the way home to me now

My love is on the way home to me now
I can almost feel her, it starts to begin
So I’ll sit here & I’ll play & I’ll sing her praise
And I’ll think of all the times, I fell in love again
Track Name: Liars In Love
Angry and sad every day
Funeral marches top the pop parade
There’s a black hole used to be a sun
Another ending that’s just begun

It’s the same thing every day
Something beautiful will die
It’s the same thing every day
Or I’m a liar in love, in love
Happens every day

Faithless and vain every night
Reckless and dizzy and of unsound mind
There’s a portent there’s a sign
Everything collapses at the same time
Track Name: You're Mine
You are a complex girl
You want to save the world
Small thoughts and big ideas
A million miles away from here

You are a cold summer’s day
You are a warm winter rain
I try hard to understand
Hope one day I can

But your mine, yea your mine all mine

You wonder what to feel
You wonder if it’s real
There’s noting I can say
it works out anyway

I can’t tell you it was always meant to be
But I can tell you it was always plain to me
I can’t tell you why
But I can tell that I’ll be always by your side
I’ll be right here/never fear

You are a complex girl
You want to save the world
And I want to be with you
When you finally see it though

That your mine, yea your mine all mine
Track Name: Patterns
There’s a pattern to the universe
There’s a pattern to my heart
Everything travels a million miles
To end right where it starts

There’s a pattern to your leaving
There’s a pattern when you come home
The more you seem to say to me
The more I feel alone

I took a book down off the shelf
‘Bout a year now since you’re gone
Inside it said, “Forever my darling,
My heart is yours alone.”