The Practice of Everyday Life

by Messerly & Ewing

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M&Es first CD

"Messerly & Ewing’s debut is a delightful affair-folk based modern rock that is spirited and upbeat. The duo’s outstanding vocal harmonies, honed through a rigorous performance are easily Practice’s strength."

-The Riverside

"Bluesy rock that feels like a summer afternoon jamming on the back porch…The vocal harmonies sound great together and match the rootsy spirit of the music…The lyrics are contemplative and philosophical."

"Songs that rock and swing with edgy melodies, soaring harmonies and lyrical mastery."

-Newport Music and Arts Festival


released June 30, 1999



all rights reserved


Messerly & Ewing Cincinnati, Ohio

When Mark Messerly and Brian Ewing went on hiatus, it wasn’t even official. Cincy band Wussy kept Messerly busy and Ewing had a similar schedule with Catalog Cowboys. But somehow they still found time to do acoustic gigs. In 2009, the pair resolved to celebrate their 15th year together by adding Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian as their backing band and turn up the volume. ... more

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Track Name: Out of My Reach
This time I won’t make a sound
If my feet don’t hit the ground
I always ran against the rail
I always seemed to play to fail


If I was a match and you were gasoline
I’d be burned out by now and you’d be out of my reach
Out of my reach
The lessons I learned don’t seem to take to me
I’d be out of my head and you’d be out of my

This time I won’t learn the rules
I played the part like you were school
This time I have had enough
I don’t believe in love or luck


I know you won’t break the curve
I learned not to give my word
I don’t care if I die
There’s no room left for just trying
Track Name: On My Own
I can hear those people talk’in about me
where I’m going and wh ere they think I’ve been
I wish they could live their lives with out me
cause my life sure’d be better without them

keep on talking in circles that never end
keep on riding those fences you never mend
put your faith in things you can’t defend

those who just sit back and wait for tomorrow
think they have a better point of view
but they will never get close to where their going
if their not willing to risk a step or two

so afraid of the things they never knew
so afraid of the things they’ll never do
whether life lets you down is up to you

I can find my way
on my own
but that’s not to say
I want to live alone

I can hear those people talking about me
as if I’d give a damn ‘bout what they say
I will never give them a reason to dought me
I’ll look back on them and smile someday

sometimes it’s hard to say what you will find
when you say good bye to what’s behind
after all the past’s all in your mind
Track Name: Hell to Pay
There’s blood on the strings and I can’t feel a thing
But tomorrow I know there’ll hell to pay
There’s a woman next to me but nothing is free
So tomorrow I know there’ll be hell to pay

Hell to pay it’s a mighty big cost
When you get what you want but lose what you lost
Hell to pay at the end of the day
It’s a bargain my friend ‘cause in the end
There’ll always be hell to pay

I’m standing on a cliff wanting to step off
If I can’t stop myself there’ll be hell to pay
I’m riding on a train pulling the brake
I don’t know why but I know, there’ll be hell to pay


Hell to pay and it’s almost free when you work out the exchange in currency

I’m looking at pictures and abusing myself
But tomorrow I know there’ll be hell to pay
If I drink an inch of liquor from every bottle
My parents won’t know, but I know there’ll be hell to pay
Track Name: Tell Me
tell me the story, tell it again
tell me how you loved me when we were only friends
tell me how you saw me, tell how’d I look
tell me what you felt tell me what it took
to tell me......

tell me the secret, tell it low
tell me the things that you want only me to know
cause I’ve seen your worst, and I’ve seen your best
I’ve seen almost everything, so tell me the rest
tell me.....come on tell me

tell me you love me tell me you’ll stay
tell me how can I love you more every single day

and I’ll know every trembling word
I know what you’ve said, I know what I’ve heard
and I’ll know what you mean to say
but tell me, tell me anyway

tell me nothing special, tell me about your day
tell me your troubles and I will speed them away
tell me bout the weather tell me what’s on your mind
tell me bout work tell me you’ve go the time
to tell me...come on tell me

tell me you love me tell me why
tell me that you’ll never tell me good-bye
Track Name: Green Eyed Susan
I have my faults
I guess this was my fault too
but I thought you cared
as much as I cared for you

time was when you know
that I was your destiny
but you hold your pain
closer then you hold me

we’ve been here before
said I’d love you till the end
so I can’t believe you’d expect me to
let you down again

I wish you could
at least make me understand
you’ve lost but you’ll find
that I’d never be that man

you can’t so you won’t
even pretend to try
but I can and I will
move on if you say good-bye
Track Name: All The Good Ones
If I see something I don’t understand, I just walk way
If I get something I do not want I throw it away
Well I can’t get no relief and all the good ones are freaks these days
If I meet someone I do not respect I just walk away

If I see something that frightens me I just run away
And if I meet someone who’s different I push them away
Well I’m standing in the doorway trying to keep the rain from falling today
And I get so angry I can’t speak and all the good ones are freaks these days

repeat entire second verse for harmonica solo

I’m looking for someone who’s normal is all I can say
All their problems, and preferences, and policies all get in the way
I’m saying who I wanna love, or like, or be friends with is strange
What happened to the good old days when all the good ones are freaks these days
Track Name: Walking On My Grave
I go walking on my grave
Just to see where I will be
To see where I’ll spend eternity

I raised the money
To buy where they will bury me
Where the roots will one day cover me

Walking on my grave x2

I stand up on the hill
And look down at all the trees
The things I will not see

Maybe for the family
This place will bring them peace
But me, I have a greater need


I’m gonna get me a shovel
Dig to the bottom of the hole
I’m gonna lay myself down
And take a look around
Gonna stare up at the sky
And watch the clouds roll by
Gonna see if it feels like home

I go walking on my grave
And I’ll carry it all my days
Until I pass away
Track Name: Everyday Life
woke up this morning just like the day before
quick shower feed the dog and out the door
roll into work about a half an hour late
nobody seems to notice that they’ve had to wait

another day another dollar towards the rent
another afternoon so wastefully spent
I’ll bide my time and I will wait impatiently
for the clock upon the wall to set me free

everyday life’s the things that happen everyday
and everyday might be special in it’s own way
but those truly special days seem always out of sight
as I muddle through my every day life

I’m always home first your never on time
but that’s you job I know it’s harder then mine
so I’ll wonder through this empty house and think of you
and keep my self busy cause there’s always much to do
when your finely home our time is always short
little canversations of a ordinary sort
I’d ask you how your day was but I’m pretty sure
it was exactly as it was the day before

don’t get me wrong i have no need to complain
if I could do it again I would do it just the same
I’d do anything you said I had to do
so I could spend every day of my life with you
Track Name: Believe
I can’t believe what you say
I can’t believe what you do
Your sense of humor gets in the way


I can’t believe this is happening to me
Could you believe in me too

I can’t believe what you wear
I can’t believe you’re unaware
Your sense of timing gets in the way


Your insincerity
Speaks volumes of books to me
And I can’t see why you would be
So damn nasty if you’re the one for me
I don’t believe you know the truth
I don’t believe it knows you too
Your lack of honor gets in the way

Track Name: One Thing
Can you tell me one thing
that you can say right here and now is true
or have they lied to you
you just can’t keep running
form the ones you think might let you down
they just might come around

trust is nothing when it isn’t earned
love is anger when it’s not returned

are you always wishing
for some one to come show you the way
to teach you what to say
is there something missing
can you find your way but still be lost
will that bridge be crossed

trust is Something that just can’t be learned
love is danger you just might get burned

why are you waiting
life is like most things when there free
there are no guarantees

trust is nothing when it isn’t earned
love is anger when it’s not returned
trust is Something that just can’t be learned
love is danger you just might get burned
Track Name: Naturally
there’s a storm outside it’s rage’in
swirling winds to send me tumble’in
there’s a shaking in the earth
can you feel it gently rumble’in

there’s a fire in my heart
burn strong burn true
there’s a fire in my heart
burn only for you

and if I died today of a broken heart
everyone would say
that he died quite naturally

there may be rough seas ahead
swelling up and down, swelling up and down
there is caution in the wind
but my feet are firmly on the ground

there’s a fire in my heart
burring so long now
there’s a fire in my heart
burring so long now


you are the sun that warms my world
you are the sand beneath my feet
you are the breeze the brush my face
you are forever gentle sweet
Track Name: Flood Plain
Don’t know what we’re doing here
Don’t know why we stay year after year
We run the risk of losing it all
When we know it was doomed from the start


It’s like living in a flood plain
It’s like waiting for the river to rise again
It’s like drowning in a teaspoon of rain (pain)
It’s like living in a flood plain

Not gonna fix the creaking back door
Not gonna go that way anymore
And when the roof is caving in
You don’t stand still to try again


You’re making it flood plain
You’re making me pray for the pouring rain
You’re making it flood plain
You must destroy to be born again

I see you pulling away
I see us with nothing to say
Sick of the fear that things’ll never change
Sick of the fear they’ll never stay the same

Track Name: All Over Again
Every man must follow his heart
stand tall until it falls apart
that’s just live, it comes, it goes
and then it starts all over again

Every man must follow his dreams
you find the ocean if you follow streams
to their end, it runs, it flows
and then I starts all over again

and if there comes a time
when you find the end
you can let it be over
or you can start all over again

Every man runs this race on his own
Finnish first and you finish alone
in the end, who won, who know
might as well start all over again

Every man must be true to himself
you don't owe anything to anyone else
it’s your time, in the sun, and it shows
or will you start all over again
Track Name: Little Things
I can think of no greater failure
Than to know you are unhappy
And then to find that you hate me
Well I don’t know what to do about that

I remember nights when the whole big universe
Was laying in our bed
And that something might happen to any little part
Filled me with an awful dread

But it’s the little things that kill you X3
But it’s the big things that break your heart

You keep on building until one day
You start tearing down
And the killer is you don’t know you’re falling
Until you hit the ground

I guess that some people just keep building on
I guess those some people won’t be me

(‘cause it’s the....)

I remember nights.......