Darkness Drops Again

by Messerly & Ewing

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released June 4, 2004



all rights reserved


Messerly & Ewing Cincinnati, Ohio

When Mark Messerly and Brian Ewing went on hiatus, it wasn’t even official. Cincy band Wussy kept Messerly busy and Ewing had a similar schedule with Catalog Cowboys. But somehow they still found time to do acoustic gigs. In 2009, the pair resolved to celebrate their 15th year together by adding Sean Rhiney and Bill Donabedian as their backing band and turn up the volume. ... more

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Track Name: When I'm Away From You
When I’m away from you
All the moments pass
Like every, may be, the last

When I’m away from you
You’re always on my mind
To help me, pass, the time

When I’m away from you
I keep you in my heart
So we’re never, truly, apart

I know it won’t be long
Till you come thought the door
To see your smiling face
Is all I’m waiting for


When I’m away from you
I wonder what you see
When you, look back, at me

When I’m away from you
I wonder what I do

I know that I love you
And I know that you love me
I know this aching feeling
Is more then jealousy

Bridge: Come to me now X3

When I’m away from you
I hope it’s not for long… When I’m away from you
Track Name: She Said
She said maybe she could come around
Maybe after the sun goes down
Go out for a walk

She said she’s getting left alone a lot
And it’s getting really hard
To keep her head up

She said nothing ever seems to change
Everything stays the same
Day after day

She Said X4

She was born in Lincoln Nebraska
Ended up in Owensberg P.A.
The length and breadth of her life
Seems to close in every day

(Same as 1st verse)
She said I’m just like everybody else
And nothing’s gonna come around
You’re tired every day

She Said X8
Track Name: Orlinda
She was just barely legal in Ohio
But old enough to do most anything in Mexico
That’s when I saw her hanging on this guy I know
She should have seen this comin’ then

He wasn’t the best looking guy in town
Even so you could tell he really got around
The kind on man you could count on to let you do
She seemed to like those kinds on men

He said he’d really like to take her home
But he’d rather take her somewhere they could be alone
With a smile he stepped away to use the phone
She closed her eyes and tried hard to pretend

Cause, he had a heart as dark as room 10
Motel 6, 3 am
On a moonless night Orlinda TN
It can be easy to close your eyes
Shut your mouth and live the lies
And hold inside the pain that’s plain to see

They walked a crooked line to the car that night
And they parked a crooked car beneath the neon lights
Some times it just feels good to be held so tight
With every care a million miles away

It seems to me she’d been in this spot yesterday
But she told herself that this time it wouldn’t be that way
Who was wrong who was right well who’s to say
In your both willing to pay the price you pay

She woke up on strange sheets alone again
And she couldn’t really remember where she’d been
At least that’s what she’ll say when she tells her friends
Cause she hates it when they look at her that way
Track Name: When I Lost Your Love
When I lost your love– it came to me
Like lightning from the sky
It knocked me to my knees
Brought tears to my eyes

When I lost your love
I was looking the other way
That’s how this whole thing started
That’s how it slips away

They say you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone
Thought I knew you well
Don’t know how I could have been so wrong
Only time will tell

When I lost your love – it hit me
Like a ton of bricks
A mess that no union man
With all the time in the world could fix

When I lost your love
I didn’t suspect a thing
Your face says you’re glad it’s over
The pain a smile can bring

I know I had my whole life laid out for me
Now it’s blown to hell
Now my life is just a long sad story
That only time will tell
Track Name: Backslide
Find a slide at a playground
Break a bottle at the bottom,
You wonder, well I wonder
Climb to the top, turn yourself around
Close your eyes slide on down
Go on now, you’ll know how it feels now
And meet me on the backslide…..

You and I we been around
Every time we’re up
We drag each other down, no wonder, it’s a wonder
And meet me on the backslide…..

The backslide is where your dreams come crashing down
Sink to the bottom for another go around
Make mistakes again and again

Drink enough you can’t lie down
The world is spinning you can’t sleep now
I wonder, it’s a wonder
Sit on the couch ‘till the sun comes up
It’s either go to work or eat a gun
Go on now, be a number
And meet me on the backslide…..

Track Name: Leap Year
Show me a single blade of grass
Holding a single grain of sand
I still wouldn’t understand
The patterns and details of your makers plan

We’re drifting slowly growing cold
And soon the center can not hold
You dream of when this all will end
I dream of back when we began

It’s your leap year birthday X2
And every other year you just seem to disappear
And grow smaller as you pull away from me

And heirloom apple falls from your mother’s tree
Waking you up from a fitful dream
Where yours and my destiny
Is to die alone, unmourned and unclean

Track Name: Kinda Girl
She come easy
She come loose
Lazy eye
Crooked tooth
I said aaah aaaah

Appendix scar
Dark brown roots
Repaired septum
Two tattoos

She’s the kinda girl X3
She’s the kind of girl who drinks for free
And steals the air away from me
Riff X2

She come ‘round
Come to the door
Dripping wet
Onto the floor

8 Hole boots
Pasty thighs
Dark black circles
Under eyes

CHORUS riff X4

Juke Box Queen
Holding court
You know less
She knows more
CHORUS riff X4
Track Name: Beautiful Now
There’s a sound
Waking you from a restless sleep
Reminding you you’re all alone

So you walk the house
Checking every window
Wind up too afraid to sleep

Isn’t this beautiful now
It’s so beautiful now
It’s so beautiful now
I can’t wait for this

It’s too late
All your friends are sleeping
Only four more hours to go

So you write it down
Fixing all the problems
But the ending doesn’t change


You fall asleep
As the sun is rising
In your children’s empty bed

Track Name: A Day Away
The first storm of spring
Rolled by my window today
The thunder crashed and sent me
A thousand miles away

Life has a way of creeping by
You’ll never see it comin’
The twist and turns of fait combine
And the mystery keeps you runnin’

There will come an time,
There will come a day
There will come an time,
There will come a day
And it’s only a day away

So here I am again
The desk and the 9 to 5
But that what makes up your live
Is not what makes you alive

Everyday is a gift
And every night is another chance
To rethink you lot in live
And consider your circumstance


I will find you in my arms…X3
I will find you in my arms

So where are you
In the grander scheme of things
Have you been know to just give in
And take what your live brings

Will you let your life creep by
Or stand up and take part
Nothing makes you feel alive
Like the sound of a beating heart

Track Name: The Crossing
Every I come to a crossing
All my yesterdays come rolling back
The rumble of the wheels,
Do you remember how it feels
To wish you had put pennies on the tracks

Every time I come to a crossing
I’m in the back of the family Chevrolet
Counting every passing car,
Wondering’ where it’s been so far
Wishing it could carry me away

We were only passing time
Searching for some piece of mind
Maybe a little further down the line

Every time I come to a crossing
I’m amazed that I’m around today
Crazy kids who crash the gates
Afraid that we might have to wait
But not afraid of what might come our way

Every time I come to a crossing
The ford falcons mine at seventeen
Pay no attention to the train
As we sing R.E.M. refrains
Even though we know not what they mean

We were only passing time
Searching for some piece of mind
Maybe a little further down the line
An every car the passes by
it takes away another lie
Until we’re left with nothing to deny

Every time I come to a crossing
I’m stuck behind some Fuckin’ SUV
Cell phone is close at hand
Call the boss he’ll understand
Everyday another misery

Every time I come to a crossing
I think of everything that’s come my way
Carry all your baggage home
It’s who you are when you’re alone
You live everyday of your live everyday

We were only passing time
Searching for some piece of mind
Maybe a little further down the line
An every car the passes by
it takes away another lie
Until we’re left with nothing to deny

Gone, Gone, Gone
Bye, Bye, Bye